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Pollen and Propolis Collection

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Collecting Pollen or Propolis from your beehive becomes much simpler using Beeline Supplies own design of Pollen Trap or by selecting one of our propolis mats.

Pollen Trap


Beeline Supplies have combined the best features from several designs we have built over the last 20 years.

  • Designed to be placed on floor/bottom board but we can fit tanalised runners, so that the Pollen Trap can be used as the floor.
  • Our standard design has a front entrance, and front opening drawer. *
  • Adjustable entrance to allow bees to enter the hive without going through the pollen extractor. The advantages to this are:
  1. The bees can bring the pollen directly into the hive for their needs.
  2.  The bees gain access to the hive directly during the honey flow.
  • Permanent exit allows the bees to cycle faster, instead of having to go back through the extractor unit and for the drones to exit the hive.
  • Large drawer for pollen collection
  • For ease of maintenance, the complete extractor unit is assembled prior to being fitted to the Pollen Trap.

Available paraffin waxed dipped or undipped.
With the paraffin wax dipped Pollen Traps the unit is dipped and the drawer is dipped separately, but the drawer mesh is attached after dipping.

Please contact us for availability.

* Upon request we are able to modify the drawer opening to the side or the rear. There is an additional cost for this.


Propolis Mats


We have two choices of Propolis mats:

  1. A f‚Äčlexible mat with self spacing lugs - the lugs face down.
  2. A black bee mesh - the ribs face down.
When putting propolis mats into the hive they are placed underneath the hive mat at the top of the hive.


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