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Fogger Starter Pack

Fogger Starter Pack

A great pack to get you started treating varroa mites using the fogging method with Food Grade Mineral Oil. The food grade mineral oil is heated to produce a white fog. The droplets are 15 microns, big enough not to harm the bees, but the oil coats the spiracles of the Varroa, and they die by suffocation.Foggers can be used at any time of the year. They are a great help during December to March when there are honey flows.

The starter pack contains:

  • 1 Mini Gas Fogger (Korean Model)
  • 1 Litre bottle of Food Grade Mineral Oil with Safety Data Sheet. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING. See also link below for a PDF of this information.
  • 1 220g Butane Gas Cartridge
  • A set of notes and helpful tips for using the fogger. See also link below for a PDF of this information.


Use Fogger with care:

  • Use a respirator and wear protective gloves
  • Avoid using the fogger in strong wind
  • Do not use the fogger inside buildings
  • Be careful when disposing of the butane cartridges. We recommend that you punch a hole in the cartridge with a nail before disposing of it
  • DO NOT let children use the fogger
The fogger uses heat to vapourise liquid. The vapourised liquid can catch fire, so please use with caution.

Food Grade Mineral Oil and Using Foggers - Korean Model

Food Grade Mineral Oil Safety Data Sheet

Personal protection
It is extremely important when using this product that you follow all the Health & Safety Guidelines, including wearing protective clothing and a properly fitted respirator.

Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves

Links for NZ Safety Respirators


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