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The Hive and the Honey Bee

The Hive and the Honey Bee

Authors: Multi Authors - A Dadant Publication
No. of pages: 1324
Hard cover

A book that contains every aspect of bees and beekeeping. One of the most comprehensive books on beekeeping.

Information is included on: The World's Beekeeping - Past and Present, Honey Bees of the World, the Honey Bee Colony - Life History, The Anatomy of the Honey Bee, Physiology and Social Physiology, of the Honey Bee, Honey Bee Nutrition, Honey Bee Genetics and Breeding, Activities and Behaviour of Honey Bees, Honey Bee Pheromones, The Production of Nectar and Pollen, Beekeeping Equipment, For the Beginner, Management for Honey Production, Honey and Wax - a Consideration of Production, Processing and Packaging Techniques, the Production of Comb and Bulk Comb Honey, Business Practices and Profitability, Surplus Honey and the Small Beekeeper, Marketing the Crop of the Commercial Beekeeper, Wintering Productive Colonies, Honey, Other Products of the Hive, Production of Queens and Package bees, Crop Pollination, Diseases and Pests of Honey Bees, Injury to Honey Bees by Poisoning and Allergy to Venomous Insects.

Contains black and white photographs and illustrations.


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