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Derek Skinner

Derek Skinner Derek became a Beekeeper in 1986 when he was tricked into accepting a swarm in a cardboard box. Within two months he had accumulated 9 hives, all from swarms he had collected. He joined the Christchurch Hobbyist Club in 1992, with sixteen hives.

Elected to the committee in 1994, Derek was on the committee until 2012. With input and support from many others, he set up the original club website. 

Derek has written many handouts to support training lectures at the club field learning site. Most handouts are based around his experiences and observations with his own hives. He has also invented/co-invented several gadgets and procedures to assist with beekeeping.

During the last 30 years, Derek has presented many talks and lectures on beekeeping practices to schools, gardening clubs and at Lincoln University. Derek continues to be engaged in "spreading the gospel" of beekeeping.
In another life, Derek was an Electronics engineer, an Electrical engineer, a Toolmaker and a Technical lecturer.

Derek raises queens for his own hives and for sale to other beekeepers. At age 75 he still managed seventy eight hives. Over the last few years the number of hives he manages is down to thirty. He finds it very difficult "to divorce himself" from his love for bees.
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