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Queen Rearing Equipment

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Queen Bee: Biology, Rearing and Breeding.


Author: David R. Woodward
No. of pages: 137
Soft cover

An in-depth look into the Biology of the Queen Bee, Queen Bee Rearing  and Queen Bee Breeding.

Topics covered include: Queen Bee Biology; Queen Bee Rearing, Equipment, Grafting, Queen Rearing without Grafting, Capture and Transport of Queen Bees, Swarming and Nucleus Hives, Honey Bee Nutrition, Queen Bee Breeding, Genetics and Reproduction, Stock Selection and Improvement, Breeding Programmes, Instrumental Insemination.

Contains colour photographs and black & white illustrations.

Queen Marking Holder


Clear plastic tube with a mesh base and a wooden plunger with a foam base.

Carefully scoop the queen into the plastic tube, then gently push the plunger and the queen towards the mesh base. Use a queen marking pen to mark the queen through the mesh.

Once the queen has been marked carefully tip the queen out of the plunger back into the hive.

Queen Marking Pen


We have a choice of white, yellow, red, green, or blue pens.  

Queen colour marking for year ending:

  • 1 or 6 = White 
  • 2 or 7 = Yellow 
  • 3 or 8 = Red
  • 4 or 9 = Green
  • 5 or 0 = Blue

NB Since the arrival of varroa many beekeepers are re-queening annually or every 2 years.
Some will have a colour for their Spring queens and another for their Autumn queens.

Queen Cell Cup - Lugged


New Zealand made Buzzco cell cups - lugged. 
Bag of 10 cell cups.

Please note: for larger quantities please contact us for a price

Queen Cell Protector


Designed to fit Buzzco lugged cell cups, reusable, New Zealand made queen cell protectors.
Stops the first emerging queen destroying the other cells.
Sold exclusively by Beeline Supplies Ltd.
Bag of 10 cell protectors.

Please note: for larger quantities please contact us for a price.

Chinese Queen Grafting Tool


Robust model, used for removing the grub from the cell and placing into the cell cup.

Queen Mailing/Introductory Cage


Reusable and used for mailing Queen Bee and nurse bees.

Queen Cage Round


Round queen cage with cell cup.

Reusable and can also be used with Buzzco lugged cell cups.

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