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Gloves - Leather Long Sleeve


High quality, hard wearing thicker leather gloves with long canvas sleeves.

Available in sizes S - 2XL.

Gloves - Leather Medium Sleeve


Quality, softer leather, hard wearing gloves with medium canvas sleeve.

Available in sizes L, XL & 2XL.

Three Layer Mesh Gloves with a Medium Mesh Sleeve


The three layer mesh gloves have a soft leather palm. The top of the hand and the sleeve a three layer mesh fabric. The top and bottom layer of the mesh is a polycotton mesh and the middle layer is a foam mesh. The top of the glove sleeve has 5cm (approximately) polycotton ribbing allowing the gloves to fit well over the forearm.

Available in sizes X small to 4XL.
Please note small sold out

Gloves - Leather Ventilated Sleeve


A soft leather glove with a small mesh vent just above the wrist and a medium canvas sleeve.
One size only.

Gloves - Nitrile Chemical Resistant.


Green Nitron

  • USFDA Compliant
  • Durable and longer lasting - 100% Acrylonitrile Butadiene latex (NBR)
  • Guaranteed qualiity - 100% inspection
  • Satin unlined interior
  • Length 435mm
Offers protection up to the elbow and is extra thick (0.6mm) for superior protection against a range of chemicals including petoleum products, solvents, alkalis and animal fats.

Sizes available: 8 (M), 9 (L), 10 (XL), and 11 (2XL).

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