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Drip Trays

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Drip Tray - Complete


Heavy Duty Drip Tray - complete with wooden base, metal corner supports and a plastic tray insert.

The wooden base is screwed together and has a plastic insert and metal corners.The heavy duty drip tray insert has been designed by Beeline Supplies and is manufactured in Dunedin. It was designed due to numerous requests from our beekeeping customers wanting a deeper drip tray.

  • Wooden base with runners
  • Metal corner locators placed diagonally prevent the first box from sliding
  • Handles at ends to lift
  • Can be used with a sack barrow
  • Heavy duty plastic tray insert with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Deeper tray reduces the likelihood of honey spilling/leaking.
  • Ideal for stacking/storing honey supers over the winter with a hive mat placed on top of the top box in the stack.
  • Without the runners the base can be screwed to pallets
  • We can custom make pallets to meet your requirements
Courier price is the same for one or two drip trays.


"Our Drip Trays are another example of Beeline Supplies innovation and design to meet the needs of our customers."

Plastic Tray Inserts


Our deeper plastic tray inserts are stackable and deeper than others on the market. When moving our drip trays stacked with boxes by sack barrow the extra depth helps prevent honey running out on to the floor or deck of a truck.

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