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Ventilated Blue Top with Attached Hood

Ventilated Blue Top with Attached Hood

Ventilated blue top with attached hood - a poly organza fabric with a plastic mesh hood.

  • Lovely and cool to wear.
  • Excellent vision for seeing queens and when using machinery to shift bees.
  • So light and flexible that they can be stored in the glovebox or under the seat of your vehicle, with no damage to the veil or mesh.
  • Bees are only rarely able to sting through the blue fabric, (when it is crushed against another surface). 
  • Wear a hat inside the blue jacket (ideally one with a brim), and pin it to the top of the veil. This helps to keep the veil in the correct position, i.e keeping the veil away from the face, as well as providing some sun protection.
  • Apart from beekeeping, the tops are a great option to protect from Mosquitoes, Flies, and Wasps while fishing or bush walking as they are light and cool to wear.
  • Easy care. Hand wash with a mild soap, rinse thoroughly and hang out to dry.

Our pull on lightweight blue top is designed to be loose fitting. It comes in 2 children's sizes:

  • XXS - length 48cm (19"); sleeve 48cm (19"); chest 81cm (32")
  • XS - length 60cm (23.5"); sleeve 56cm (22"); chest 87cm (34")
NB Measurements are approximate as, as the photo shows the neckline is quite large and roomy.

And 2 adults sizes:
  • Medium - fits approximately 177.8cm (5 feet 10")  and up to 110 kgs
  • Large - fits approximately 198.12cm (6 feet 6") with a generous girth.

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