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Mesh Floor


We designed and began to manufacture our mesh floors back in 1998.
The original reason was to assist with the reduction of the moisture build up in bee hives. After the arrival of the Varroa mite, our Mesh Floors have been a useful tool in helping with Varroa management and monitoring.

Assembled and paraffin wax dipped, with a central square of stainless mesh. The mesh floor base is screwed to the tanalised runners with 65mm 10g screws (5 per runner). The risers are 20mm with a reduced entrance. Runners have guides to slide a piece of corflute in for varroa mite monitoring.

The advantages of using a mesh floor include:
1. Hive health - helps reduce the amount of condensation and mould in a hive.
2. Allows for natural varroa mite drop, as mites that drop through the mesh fall onto the ground and die.
3. Easy varroa mite monitoring with use of corflute (or heavy white cardboard) slid onto the guides. For best results we suggest spraying vegetable/cooking oil onto the corflute or cardboard.
4. When moving hives, close the hive entrance with a piece of sponge and/or an entrance reducer and the hive can be moved safely without the worry of the hive overheating.

Please note currently sold out more avalible in July.


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