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Apistan Varroa Mite Treatment


The most effective and reliable Varroa treatment.
Apistan® the standard against which other treatments are measured.

Registered bee medication in over 40 countries worldwide.
• Eliminates up to 100% of all mites in a hive.
• Strips can be used in a hive for up to 8 weeks.
• Will not give sub-lethal dose during 8 week period - controlled release combined with therapeutic dosage, used correctly will not promote resistance in mites.
• Apistan is that effective that it can resurrect hives that are collapsing from parasitic mite syndrome.
• Economic to use, only two strips per brood box required.
• Long shelf life.
• Apistan is not affected by removal from its packaging and can be repacked for use if necessary.
• Packed 10 strips per sealed foil pouch, 10 pouches per carton. Price per pouch.

Unfortunately, mis-use of pyrethroids has accelerated natural biological processes which means that in some areas resistant mites have developed. Resistance to Synthetic Pyrethroids has been scientifically confirmed in a yard of beehives in Northland.

This may not be an isolated instance. Please ALTERNATE your treatments!

We recommend Apivar or Apiguard in the Spring and Apistan or Bayvarol in the Autumn.

Since the 1980's Apistan has been the benchmark treatment.

For more information on Apistan please check the Vita Europe website:

Some important points to consider regardless of what treatment you are using:

  • Alternate your treatments. (Apistan and Bayvarol cannot be alternated as the chemicals used are too similar).
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions i.e. use the correct number of strips/trays and the correct timeframe for the treatment, (this will help reduce the likelihood of developing resistant mites).
  • Handle the treatment carefully e.g. wear chemical gloves when handling and other protective items i.e respirator (depending on the treatment being used).
  • Monitor your hive before and after the treatment. If the mite levels are high, 2 weeks after removing the treatment, there are a number of reasons why this may have happened, (Fiona's powerpoint explains the possible reasons in more detail).


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