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Apivar ® by Veto-pharma

Registered bee medication in 35+ countries worldwide.

• Proven safe and effective for more than 22 years - kills up to 99% of mites in 1 application.
• Trusted by NZ Beekeepers for over 15 years
• Unique controlled release technology over the full 6 to 10 week treatment period
• No negative effect on brood or queens. (Independently verified in scientific studies)
• No evidence of resistance anywhere worldwide
• Manufactured in France to the highest pharmaceutical standards
• Not a Synthetic Pyrethoid. Unique chemical class and mode of action.
•  Only two strips per brood box required.

The active ingredient in Apivar is Amitraz. This means that it is an ideal alternative treatment to use with Apistan or Bayvarol. For additional information please click on the links below:


Some important points to consider regardless of what treatment you are using:

  • Alternate your treatments. (Apistan and Bayvarol cannot be alternated as the chemicals used are too similar).
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions i.e. use the correct number of strips/trays and the correct timeframe for the treatment, (this will help reduce the likelihood of developing resistant mites).
  • Handle the treatment carefully e.g. wear chemical gloves when handling and other protective items i.e respirator (depending on the treatment being used).
  • Monitor your hive before and after the treatment. If the mite levels are high, 2 weeks after removing the treatment, there are a number of reasons why this may have happened, (Fiona's powerpoint explains the possible reasons in more detail).

Available Options

1-9 pouches of 4 strips (price per pouch) $34.10 add to cart
pouches of 12 (price per pouch) $75.00 add to cart
1 Pack of 60 strips. Price per pack>price per strip $6.25 $368.00 add to cart
2 + packs of 60 strips. Per Pack of 60 $340 Per strip price $5.67 $327.75 add to cart
9+ packs of 60. Per Pack $273.93. Per Strip $4.83 $290.00 add to cart
18 + packs of 60 per pack $267.00 Per strip $4.45 $267.00 add to cart
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180+ Packs of 60.Price per pack $241.00 Price Per Strip $4.02 $241.00 add to cart
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