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Bayvarol is a synthetic pyrethroid strip treatment.

• Do not under dose - use four strips per brood box to ensure effective knock down.
• Place strips in the correct position in the brood box i.e. next to brood frames.
• Do not leave in for too long - treat for 6 to 8 weeks.
• Remove strips immediately at 8 weeks - delaying removal helps Varroa mites to develop resistance through exposure to sub lethal doses.
• Packed 20 strips per box in foil pouches, 

Unfortunately, mis-use of pyrethroids has accelerated natural biological processes which means that in some areas resistant mites have developed. 



Some important points to consider regardless of what treatment you are using:

  • Alternate your treatments. (Apistan and Bayvarol cannot be alternated as the chemicals used are too similar).
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions i.e. use the correct number of strips/trays and the correct timeframe for the treatment, (this will help reduce the likelihood of developing resistant mites).
  • Handle the treatment carefully e.g. wear chemical gloves when handling and other protective items i.e respirator (depending on the treatment being used).
  • Monitor your hive before and after the treatment. If the mite levels are high, 2 weeks after removing the treatment, there are a number of reasons why this may have happened, (Fiona's powerpoint explains the possible reasons in more detail).

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