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Formic Pro


Formic Pro are formic acid polysaccharide gel strips for the treatment and control of the varroa mite in honey bees. They are certified organic and can be used while honey supers are on the hive. The treatment is placed in the heart of the hive (brood box) for a 1 week period with efficacy ranging between 83-97%.

  • high efficacy:kills mites under the brood cap.
  • all natural ingredients
  • no residues.
  • biodegradable
  • ready to use
  • no resistance
  • extended shelf life
  • quick treatment

Formic Pro Brochure
Formic Pro Booklet
Formic Pro Instructions
Formic Pro Safety Data Sheet
Formic Pro Bio Gro (NZ) Certif ... ficate of Compliance 2020-2021

Personal protection
It is extremely important when using this product that you follow all the Health & Safety Guidelines, including wearing protective clothing and a properly fitted respirator.

Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves

Links for NZ Safety Respirators

A few additional points:
  • 1 dose per hive (doesn’t matter if you are using single or double brood boxes).
  • 1 dose = 2 strips
  • Formic Pro is sold in the following pack sizes:
    • 2 Dose Pack
    • 10 Dose Pack
    • 30 Dose Pack
  • NB Formic Pro is sold in 'Dose Packs’ not strips
Beeline Supplies are now able to provide Beekeepers with a range of Varroa Control/Treatment Options, covering their year round needs. Spring/Autumn rotation of Apivar/Bayvarol or Apistan with a third/forth treatment option of Formic Pro/Apiguard/Fogging/Oxalic Acid.

Formic Pro is the #2 treatment overall in the USA/Canada (Apivar is #1) and the #1 treatment with Hobbyists in North America (estimated to outsell all other treatment brands combined).
For 10 or more 30 packs pease contact us so we can work the best price.
A great new product for Beeline Supplies to add to our selection of Varroa treatments. 


Available Options

2 dose pack (price per pack) $37.37 add to cart
10 dose pack (price per pack) $136.00 add to cart
30 dose pack (price per pack) $380.00 add to cart
30 dose pack (price per pack for 10+ packs) $320.00 add to cart
30 dose pack (price per pack for 70+ packs) $307.50 add to cart
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